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If you are considering taking out a short term loan, it is important that you are aware of the costs involved. Here is an outline of typical costs of a payday loan. In general you will be charged 25 for every 100 borrowed (including all transaction costs). It must be paid in full upon the repayment of your loan. We use a variety of different lenders, so costs may vary slightly but you will always be made aware of the total costs of a loan before you commit to taking it out.

The table below shows typical repayment costs based on the amount borrowed.

Payday Loan Amount
Amount Repayable
100 125
200 250
300 375
400 500
500 625
600 750
700 875


Representative APR Example: 1990% APR variable. 300 borrowed over 1 month would equal total borrowing of 375. Actual Interest is 25%.


Need loan ASAP
Need loan ASAP

Need loan ASAP

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